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30ml Cobalt Blue PET bottle with 20/410 neck - Cased 1500

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Introducing our 30ml Cobalt Blue PET bottle with 20/410 neck, available in a convenient case of 1500 bottles. This high-quality packaging solution offers a range of benefits for your business needs. Crafted from durable PET material, this cobalt blue bottle ensures the safety and protection of your products. Its 20/410 neck design allows for easy dispensing and compatibility with a variety of closures.

Key Features:

  • Durable and Reliable: Made from top-quality PET material, this bottle is designed to withstand the rigors of transportation and storage, ensuring your products remain safe and intact.
  • Ease of Use: The 20/410 neck size is a popular choice for various industries, making it simple to find compatible closures and dispensing options for your specific needs.

Whether you're in the cosmetics, skincare, pharmaceutical, or other industries, this cobalt blue PET bottle is a versatile solution. Its vibrant blue color adds a touch of elegance to your products while offering excellent UV protection.

Our 30ml cobalt blue PET bottle is carefully crafted to provide a reliable and visually appealing packaging option. Its smooth surface allows for easy labeling and brand customization, making it an ideal choice for creating a professional impression.

With a capacity of 30ml, this bottle is perfect for sample sizes, travel-friendly products, and more. Its compact size allows for easy storage and transport, whether you're shipping products or arranging them on store shelves.

Invest in this high-quality cobalt blue PET bottle and enhance your product's visual appeal, protection, and overall presentation. Order a case of 1500 bottles today and enjoy the convenience of a bulk purchase.