Rock Bottom Bottles Products Comply with New eLiquid Packaging Law

On January 28, 2016, President Obama signed a bill into law that affects manufacturers of packaging for eLiquids. Formerly known as “The Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015,” this new law requires that any liquid nicotine products that are “sold, offered for sale, manufactured for sale, distributed in commerce, or imported into the United States” must be packaged in a liquid nicotine container that is child resistant in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (C. FR.) Title 16, Part 1700.20 (also known as 16 CFR 1700, the section of the Code of Federal Regulations dealing with poison prevention packaging).

Now that this bill had become law, it will take effect 180 days from the day it was signed into law, or July 26, 2016. All manufacturers, importers and distributors of glass or plastic containers that are designed to hold liquid nicotine must be in compliance with this law by that date.

Rock Bottom Bottles is pleased to inform our customers that all of our eLiquid packaging products are already in compliance with this new law. Our PET Dropper bottles have been evaluated according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission Protocol and Standards and found to be adequate packaging for poison prevention. Our Glass Dropper Bottles with Rubber Stoppers also passed the testing process.

Whether they are glass or plastic, our bottles for use with liquids and e-liquids have been tested and certified as being child resistant, and feature tamper evident glass droppers with a childproof plastic cap. So all our containers that have been designed for use with liquid nicotine already satisfy the requirements of this new law — including our Plastic PE Bottles, Plastic PET Bottles, and Glass Bottles that come in a variety of sizes and colors.

For that reason, we can proudly state that all of our products are Certified Poison Prevention Packaging as per the Code of Federal Regulations (C. FR.) Title 16, Part 1700.20. To learn more about our compliance with all of the appropriate governing laws, see our Terms and Conditions page.

And if you have any questions about this new law, the testing process used on our eLiquid bottles, or any other packaging question you may have, please contact us. You can reach us by phone at (844) 822-2557, by email at, or via our Contact Us page. We look forward to helping you meet your eLiquid packaging needs!