About Our Bottles

Many of our glass bottles are Boston or Euro bottles -- a classic style with rounded shoulders and a rounded base. These bottles have the old-fashioned pharmaceutical look, with the added benefit that the colored styles are good for storing light-sensitive liquids if needed.
Choose from frosted or clear bottles, or try some of our beautiful colored glass bottles in Amber, Blue,Green, matte Black/White, or any of our other colors. Available in different sizes to fit your needs: 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 120ml, and many others.
Whichever size and color you choose these beautifully made glass bottles come with droppers that are child resistant and tamper evident (or not) and offer excellent value at a wholesale price when you buy in bulk. Place your order today, and enjoy our fast delivery and excellent customer service!

With a number of sizes to choose from we have the right wholesale PET plastic bottles for all your needs. You can order these high quality PET plastic bottles in many sizes ranging from 10ml all the way up to 1 liter or more. We offer many different dispensing closures or non-dispensing closures in various colors so you can customize their look. No matter which type of PET plastic bottle you decide on buying in bulk offers the best way to stock up on the high quality supplies you need while saving money.

PE plastic is one of the most versatile plastic bottles on the market today. They can safely contain harsh chemicals or for example sensitive skin care products. This versatility makes PE plastic bottles an ideal choice for a wide variety of products. Rock Bottom Bottles offers many PE plastic wholesale bottles in sizes from 10ml all the way up to multi gallon containers.
Place your order with Rock Bottom Bottles today for high quality plastic PE bottles, and you’ll soon see why we’re a leading supplier of wholesale plastic bottles.

Rock Bottom Bottles / Packaging Company LLC is a manufacture and wholesale packaging distributor. We operate in Sarasota, Florida and have a large amount of glass and plastic bottles and closures in stock. We pride ourselves on providing the fastest, most cost-effective, and dependable customer service possible. We strive to ship all in stock orders placed by 3 p.m. EST the same day of order. Affordable pricing with personal service and quick delivery is our everyday goal.