60ml Clear PET Bottle White CRC Cap with Eye Drop Tip Cased 800

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Introducing our 60ml Clear PET Bottle with a White CRC Cap and Eye Drop Tip! This versatile bottle is perfect for storing and dispensing liquids with ease and precision. Whether you need it for personal or professional use, this product is designed to meet your needs.

With a volume of 60ml, this PET bottle provides ample storage for your desired liquid. The clear material allows for easy visibility of the contents, making it convenient to keep track of your supply. The CRC White Ribbed cap ensures a secure and leak-proof seal, providing a reliable solution for storage and transportation.

The cap, made from high-quality PP material, guarantees durability and longevity. Its ribbed design allows for easy grip and opening, even with wet hands. The included Eye Drop Tip offers controlled dispensing, making it ideal for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care applications.

Each order includes 800 bottles, conveniently cased for easy handling and storage. With 16,000 bottles per pallet, you can ensure you have an ample supply to meet your needs without worrying about restocking frequently.

  • Key Features:
  • - 60ml volume for storing liquids
  • - Clear PET material for easy visibility

Our 60ml Clear PET Bottle with a White CRC Cap and Eye Drop Tip is the perfect solution for all your liquid storage needs. Its superior quality and design ensure that your liquids are securely stored and dispensed with ease. Don't miss out on this essential product - order yours today!