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500cc 45-400 Dark Amber PET Packer - Cased 140

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The 500cc 45-400 Dark Amber PET Packer is a high-quality packaging solution that is both functional and visually appealing. Made from durable PET material, this packer is designed to safely store and transport liquids, ensuring that your products remain secure throughout the supply chain. Its dark amber color helps protect the contents from harmful UV light, making it an ideal choice for light-sensitive substances.

This packer has a capacity of 500cc, providing ample space for your products. The 45-400 neck size ensures a secure fit for various closures, allowing for easy dispensing and preventing leakage. Whether you are packaging pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or even cosmetics, this packer is versatile enough to meet your needs.

This packer comes in a case of 140 units, providing you with a cost-effective packaging solution. With 20 cases per pallet, you can easily manage and store large quantities of packers, saving you valuable space in your warehouse.

Key features and benefits of the 500cc 45-400 Dark Amber PET Packer:

  • Durable PET material for safe storage and transportation of liquids
  • Dark amber color protects contents from harmful UV light

Investing in high-quality packaging is crucial for ensuring the integrity and longevity of your products. The 500cc 45-400 Dark Amber PET Packer offers the reliability and convenience you need to streamline your packaging process. Its sturdy construction, coupled with its protective features, makes it the perfect choice for professionals in various industries.

Upgrade your packaging solutions with the 500cc 45-400 Dark Amber PET Packer today and experience enhanced product freshness and customer satisfaction.