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500cc 45-400 Clear PET Packer - Cased 140

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Introducing the 500cc 45-400 Clear PET Packer - Cased 140, a versatile packaging solution designed to meet your storage needs. With a 500cc capacity, this packer is perfect for storing and transporting various liquids or powders. Its clear PET material ensures visibility, allowing you to easily identify the contents without opening the container.

The 45-400 neck finish of this packer ensures a secure closure, preventing leaks or spills. Whether you're storing pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or food products, this packer provides a reliable and safe storage option.

The cased 140 packaging option offers convenience and efficiency. Each case contains 140 packers, reducing the amount of storage space required. With 20 cases per pallet, you can maximize your storage capacity while optimizing logistical operations.

With a pallet capacity of 2,800 packers and a truckload capacity of 78,400 packers, you can efficiently transport large quantities of your product, saving time and money on logistics.

Key Features:

  • 500cc capacity for versatile storage options
  • Clear PET material allows for easy identification of contents


  • Secure closure with 45-400 neck finish to prevent leaks
  • Efficient packaging with cased 140 option for improved storage and logistics

Invest in the 500cc 45-400 Clear PET Packer - Cased 140 today and experience the convenience and reliability it offers. Enhance your storage capabilities and streamline your operations with this high-quality packaging solution.