5 Gallon HDPE Tight Head Container Natural 1,100 gram Weight Reike 70mm TE Neck w/ 21mm Vent - 120 per pallet

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Introducing the 5 Gallon HDPE Tight Head Container Natural, a reliable and durable solution for all your storage needs. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this container ensures maximum strength and longevity.

With a weight of 1,100 grams, this container is designed to withstand demanding conditions, making it perfect for industrial and commercial use. The Reike 70mm TE Neck with a 21mm vent provides a secure and leak-proof seal, ensuring your products remain safe and intact.

One of the key features of this container is its tight head design, which allows for easy pouring and dispensing while minimizing spillage. Additionally, the 5-gallon capacity provides ample space to store liquids, powders, or granular materials.

Here are two key benefits of the 5 Gallon HDPE Tight Head Container Natural:

  • Durable and Leak-Proof: The high-density polyethylene construction ensures this container is resistant to tears, cracks, and leaks. It is designed to withstand tough conditions, ensuring your products remain secure and protected.
  • Easy to Handle: The 5-gallon size, combined with the ergonomic handle, makes this container easy to transport and maneuver. Whether you're filling, emptying, or storing, this container provides convenience and efficiency.

Each pallet contains 120 of these reliable containers, and the 53' TL shipping allows for 3,120 containers across 26 pallets. With a minimum order quantity of 4 pallets, you can stock up on this essential storage solution.

If the product is not currently in stock, don't worry. We offer a lead time of 6 weeks to ensure timely delivery of your order.

Looking for caps to go with your containers? We have you covered. We offer the 70mm Rieke Gasket Natural TE Cap, featuring a 3/4" knockout for easy access. (Product Code: 70mm-GASKET-TE-Knockout-L-250)

Invest in the 5 Gallon HDPE Tight Head Container Natural and experience durable, leak-proof storage that meets your needs. Order now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with owning a reliable storage solution.