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33mm White Polypropylene Tamper Evident Ribbed Cap packed 1200/carton

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Introducing the 33mm White Polypropylene Tamper Evident Ribbed Cap, packed conveniently in a carton of 1200 units. This high-quality cap is suitable for a variety of applications and is sure to meet your packaging needs.

Constructed from durable white polypropylene, this cap provides a reliable sealing solution, ensuring the freshness and integrity of your products. The ribbed design offers enhanced grip and ease of use, making it ideal for both commercial and domestic use.

With 40 cartons per pallet, containing a total of 48,000 caps, our bulk packaging option allows for cost savings and efficient storage. This ensures that you have an ample supply of caps on hand to meet your production requirements.

  • Secure and Reliable: The tamper-evident feature of this cap guarantees the safety and integrity of your products, providing peace of mind to both you and your customers.
  • Easy to Use: The ribbed design not only enhances the cap's visual appeal but also provides a comfortable grip, making it easy to open and close without any hassle.

Designed for a 33mm neck size, this cap is a versatile choice for a wide range of containers, including bottles, jars, and more. Its clean white color lends a professional, sleek look to your packaging, making it suitable for various industries such as cosmetics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Invest in the 33mm White Polypropylene Tamper Evident Ribbed Cap today and elevate your packaging game. Its top-notch quality, secure tamper-evident feature, and ease of use make it an essential addition to any packaging line. Stock up now and experience the difference in your products' freshness and quality!