30ml White Matte Glass Bottle

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The 30ml White Matte Glass Bottle is a versatile and stunning packaging option for various products. Its characteristic Boston Round design features rounded shoulders and a rounded base, adding an elegant touch to your products. The bottle's white color not only enhances its aesthetic appeal, but also provides a practical purpose - it offers a limited protection for light-sensitive products such as e-liquid and pharmaceuticals.

With a capacity of 30ml, this glass bottle is ideal for storing and dispensing a wide range of liquids, including essential oils, serums, lotions, and more. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel or for those who prefer smaller quantities of their favorite products.

  • Stylish and Functional Design: The Boston Round shape of this bottle combines style and functionality. Its rounded shoulders and base not only contribute to its elegant appearance, but also make it easy to hold and pour from.
  • Light Protection: The white matte finish of the bottle provides a limited protection against harmful UV rays, making it ideal for light-sensitive products that can be affected by exposure to light.

This glass bottle is sold in a convenient quantity of 330 per case, making it perfect for wholesale purchases. Buying in bulk not only saves you money, but also ensures that you always have a sufficient supply of bottles for your business needs.

Whether you are a cosmetic brand, a wellness company, or a pharmaceutical manufacturer, the 30ml White Matte Glass Bottle is a premium packaging solution that will elevate your product offerings. Its sleek design, practical features, and light protection make it an appealing choice for discerning customers.

Invest in the 30ml White Matte Glass Bottle and showcase your products in style. Place your wholesale order today and enjoy the benefits of bulk savings!

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