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This 30ML PET Tattoo Plastic Bottle with a white cap is the perfect packaging solution for your medical grade products. Made from clear, high-quality PET plastic, this bottle is designed to provide a safe and reliable storage option for your liquid products.

With a quantity of 1080 bottles per case, this pack offers an ample supply to meet your packaging needs. Whether you are a small business owner or a professional tattoo artist, this bulk quantity will ensure that you always have enough bottles on hand to keep up with demand.

Key features and benefits of this PET Tattoo Plastic Bottle:

  • Durable and safe: Made from PET plastic, this bottle is strong and durable, ensuring that your products will be safely stored and protected from breakage.
  • Convenient packaging: With a white cap included, this bottle provides a complete packaging solution. The cap ensures a secure seal, preventing any leakage or spills.

When it comes to showcasing and selling your products, packaging matters. The clear design of this PET Tattoo Plastic Bottle allows your customers to easily see the contents inside, enhancing the visual appeal of your product and enticing potential buyers.

With its versatile design, this bottle is not only suitable for tattoo inks but can also be used for a variety of other purposes, such as storing essential oils, lotions, and other liquid-based products. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel or to carry in a bag or purse.

Invest in the quality and functionality of your packaging with this 30ML PET Tattoo Plastic Bottle with a white cap. Order now and ensure that your products are stored in a safe and visually appealing manner.

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