30ml Frosted Glass Bottle

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Introducing our 30ml Frosted Glass Bottle, a must-have for those in need of a high-quality and stylish packaging solution. Perfect for cosmetic, medicinal, and pharmaceutical products, this bottle is designed with a characteristic Boston Round shape, featuring rounded shoulders and a rounded base.

One of the standout features of this bottle is its frosted color. Not only does it exude elegance, but it also serves a practical purpose - providing limited protection for light-sensitive products. This makes it an ideal choice for items that require a certain level of opacity to maintain their integrity.

Our 30ml Frosted Glass Bottle comes in a convenient quantity per case of 330, ensuring that you always have an ample supply to meet your packaging needs. Whether you're running a small business or need a steady supply for personal use, this quantity is designed to cater to your requirements.

Here are some key features and benefits of our 30ml Frosted Glass Bottle:

  • Stylish and elegant design that adds a touch of sophistication to your products.
  • Frosted color provides a cosmetic, medicinal, or pharmaceutical quality and offers limited protection for light-sensitive contents.

Investing in our 30ml Frosted Glass Bottle means you're ensuring the highest quality packaging for your products. The sturdy glass material ensures durability and offers a sense of reliability to your customers. Plus, its compact size makes it travel-friendly, making it a convenient choice for those on the go.

Optimize your packaging with our 30ml Frosted Glass Bottle and showcase your products in style. Whether you're looking to stand out on store shelves or create a lasting impression on your customers, this bottle is a perfect choice.

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 15.75 x 12.2 x 9.84 in