28-400 Black Trigger Sprayer Locking 240mm DT/ 9.25 inch Cased 500

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This 28-400 Black Trigger Sprayer Locking is an essential tool for all your spraying needs. With a length of 240mm (9.25 inches) and a 45-degree cut, it offers precise and efficient spray coverage. The black color adds a sleek and professional touch to your products.

One of the key features of this trigger sprayer is its locking mechanism. The secure lock ensures that no accidental spraying occurs, giving you peace of mind and preventing any wastage of your liquid substances. This makes it ideal for transportation or storage purposes.

This trigger sprayer is designed for efficiency and convenience. Its 28-400 neck size ensures compatibility with various bottles, making it easy to use and switch between different containers. Whether you are using it for household cleaners, beauty products, or gardening solutions, this trigger sprayer will meet all your needs.

With a case size of 500, this trigger sprayer is perfect for businesses or individuals who require large quantities. It allows you to stay well-stocked without worrying about running out of sprayers, ensuring that your work or production process is seamless.

In summary, the 28-400 Black Trigger Sprayer Locking is a high-quality and versatile spraying tool. Its locking mechanism, compatibility with different bottle sizes, and large case size make it a must-have for professionals and individuals alike. Add this trigger sprayer to your arsenal and experience efficient and hassle-free spraying.