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250cc Clear PET pill packer bottle with 45-400 neck finish CASED 308

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This 250cc Clear PET pill packer bottle with a 45-400 neck finish is a premium packaging solution for your pills and medications. Made from durable PET material, this bottle is designed to keep your products safe and secure.

  • Color: Clear
  • Size: 250 cc
  • Material: PET
  • Diameter: 2.516 in
  • Height: 4.375 in
  • Label Dimensions: 7.7462 x 2.5 in (width x height)
  • Print Dimensions: 7.875 x 2.5 in (width x height)

With its sleek and transparent design, this pill packer bottle allows for easy identification of its contents. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, a healthcare professional, or an individual needing a reliable storage solution, this bottle is perfect for you.

Key Features:

  • Secure Packaging: The 45-400 neck finish ensures a tight seal, keeping your pills and medications protected from moisture, air, and contaminants.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality PET material, this bottle is resistant to breakage, ensuring the integrity of your products during handling and transportation.

Not only does this pill packer bottle meet your functional needs, but it also adds professionalism to your product presentation. Its clear surface provides ample space for your branding, labels, and instructions, allowing you to create a personalized touch.

Whether you are filling this bottle manually or using an automated packaging line, its wide neck opening makes the filling process convenient and efficient.

Invest in the quality and reliability of this 250cc Clear PET pill packer bottle and elevate your packaging standards. Order now and give your pills and medications the protection they deserve.