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250cc Clear PET pill packer bottle with 45-400 neck finish CASED 300

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Welcome to our product page for the 250cc Clear PET pill packer bottle with 45-400 neck finish! This versatile bottle is the perfect packaging solution for pharmaceutical products and various other applications. Made from high-quality clear PET plastic, this pill packer bottle is durable, lightweight, and showcases the contents inside.

With a 45-400 neck finish, this bottle ensures a secure closure and easy dispensing of pills or other products. The 250cc capacity is ideal for storing a substantial quantity of pills or capsules, allowing for convenient use and replenishment.

Key Features:

  • Durable and lightweight PET plastic construction
  • Secure closure with a 45-400 neck finish

Our 250cc Clear PET pill packer bottles are designed to meet the highest quality standards and are suitable for use in a variety of industries. Whether you need to package medications, vitamins, supplements, or herbal remedies, these bottles provide the ideal solution.

In addition to pharmaceutical applications, these bottles are also great for storing craft supplies, small hardware items, or even organizing your pantry. The versatility of these bottles makes them a must-have for any home, office, or manufacturing facility.

Each case contains 300 bottles, and they are conveniently cased with 20 cases per pallet, ensuring easy storage and transportation. The clear PET material not only allows for easy product identification but also provides excellent chemical resistance.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your packaging with our 250cc Clear PET pill packer bottle with 45-400 neck finish. Experience the convenience and reliability of this high-quality bottle for all your packaging needs. Order yours today!