250cc Clear PET pill packer bottle with 45-400 neck finish - BAG LAYER 171

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Introducing our high-quality 250cc Clear PET pill packer bottle with a 45-400 neck finish - BAG LAYER 171. This bottle is a must-have for pharmaceutical packaging, providing exceptional clarity and durability.

Constructed from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), this bottle offers superior resistance to impact, making it perfect for storing pills and capsules. The clear color allows for easy identification of contents, while the 250cc size provides ample space to accommodate a variety of medications.

With a diameter of 2.516 inches and a height of 4.375 inches, this bottle offers an ideal size for storage convenience while maintaining a compact design. The label dimensions of 7.7462 x 2.5 inches (width x height) provide ample space for branding and essential product information.

Enhance your product's visibility with the generous print dimensions of 7.875 x 2.5 inches (width x height) available on this bottle. Utilize this space to display detailed instructions, dosage information, or any other relevant details to empower your customers.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Clear color for easy identification and visual appeal
  • PET material provides superior durability and impact resistance

Invest in this high-quality 250cc Clear PET pill packer bottle and elevate your pharmaceutical packaging. Its robust construction ensures the safe storage of pills and capsules, while its clear design allows for easy content identification. Maximize your branding potential with ample label and print dimensions, making it a versatile choice for showcasing important product information. Experience the convenience and quality this bottle has to offer by making it an integral part of your packaging solutions.