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24-410 Twist Yorker Black Cap Clear Tip - CASED 5000

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The 24-410 Twist Yorker Black Cap Clear Tip is a must-have product for any packaging needs. This pack comes with a cased quantity of 5000, ensuring that you have an abundant supply for all your projects. Made with high-quality materials, this cap is designed to provide durability and reliability.

Featuring a twist design, this cap allows for controlled dispensing, making it perfect for a variety of liquid products such as lotions, shampoos, and more. The black color adds a sleek and professional touch to your packaging, helping your products stand out on store shelves.

Here are two key features of the 24-410 Twist Yorker Black Cap Clear Tip:

  • Easy Dispensing: The twist design enables easy and controlled dispensing of liquids, minimizing waste and ensuring accurate dosage.
  • Secure Closure: With its sturdy construction, this cap provides a secure closure, preventing any leaks or spills during storage or transportation.

Whether you are a small business owner looking to package your own products or an individual in need of reliable packaging options for personal use, this Twist Yorker Black Cap is the ideal choice. Its clear tip allows for easy visibility of the contents, while the black cap brings a touch of elegance to your packaging.

Add professionalism and functionality to your products with the 24-410 Twist Yorker Black Cap Clear Tip. Order your cased quantity of 5000 today and experience the convenience it offers.