24-410 Black Smooth Disc Cap Pressure Sensitive Liner for PET - Cased 3000

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Upgrade your packaging with the 24-410 Black Smooth Disc Cap Pressure Sensitive Liner for PET. This cased set of 3000 caps is perfect for any product that requires a secure and durable closure.

Made with high-quality materials, these black disc caps provide a sleek and professional look to your bottles and containers. The 24-410 neck size ensures compatibility with a wide range of bottles, making it a versatile option for different product lines.

The pressure-sensitive liner offers an added layer of protection and ensures that your products stay fresh and leak-proof. This liner is designed specifically for PET containers, providing an ideal seal for liquid or dry goods.

Here are two key features that set this product apart:

  • Secure Closure: The disc cap design offers a tight and reliable closure, preventing leakage and ensuring product integrity.
  • Easy to Use: With its smooth surface and effortless application, these caps make it convenient for customers to dispense just the right amount of product.

With a cased quantity of 3000 caps, this product is perfect for manufacturers, distributors, or businesses that require a large supply for their production needs. Whether you are in the beauty, personal care, or food and beverage industry, these disc caps with pressure-sensitive liners are an excellent addition to your packaging solution.

Elevate your packaging game with the 24-410 Black Smooth Disc Cap Pressure Sensitive Liner for PET. Order now and experience the convenience and reliability it brings to your product packaging process.