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18-405 Black Pump Spray DT 2.96"

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Introducing the 18-405 Black Pump Spray DT 2.96" - a versatile and efficient solution for all your spraying needs. Crafted with precision and quality, this pump spray is designed to deliver exceptional performance and convenience.

Featuring a neck size of 18-405, this pump spray is compatible with various bottle sizes, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Made from high-quality plastic, it is durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting use.

The pump spray weighs 52.25 grams, providing a lightweight yet sturdy construction that is easy to handle. With a reliable drip tube measuring 2.96", it offers precise control over the amount of liquid dispensed, minimizing wastage and ensuring efficient usage.

One of the key features of this pump spray is its compatibility with 30ml glass bottles. Whether you need to spray perfumes, cleaning solutions, or any other liquid product, this pump spray fits perfectly and ensures hassle-free usage.

Key Features:

  • Neck Size: 18-405
  • Weight: 52.25 grams

With its sleek black color, it adds a touch of elegance to your bottle packaging. The 18-405s White 5.25" DT 160mcl Dew Smooth Closure, F217 Gasket, and 160mcl output Flat smooth Natural Cap p/p Dust Cap enhance the overall functionality and aesthetics of the pump spray.

Designed with convenience in mind, this pump spray comes in a quantity of 2400 per case, ensuring a sufficient supply to meet your needs. Its compact size also allows for easy storage and transportation.

Experience the power of efficient and precise spraying with the 18-405 Black Pump Spray DT 2.96". Order now and add this indispensable tool to your collection of packaging essentials. Call us today for bulk pricing!