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15ml Matte Black Glass Bottle 18/415 neck

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This 15ml Matte Black Glass Bottle with an 18/415 neck is a versatile and essential addition to your product line. Whether you're in the skincare, hair care, aromatherapy, or DIY product industry, this bottle is perfect for storing and dispensing your liquid creations.

Made with high-quality glass, this bottle is built to last. Its durable construction ensures that it can withstand repeated use without compromising the integrity of your product.

The matte black finish of this glass bottle adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to any shelf or display. It instantly catches the eye and gives your products a luxurious and high-end appearance. Whether you're showcasing your products in a store or creating custom gift sets, this bottle's aesthetics will make a lasting impression.

With a capacity of 15ml, this bottle is ideal for small quantities and travel-sized needs. It strikes the perfect balance between practicality and luxury, allowing your customers to experience your product on-the-go without compromising on style.

One of the key features of this bottle is its versatility. Its neutral yet stylish look can be effortlessly paired with different labels and packaging, allowing you to create different moods and convey your brand's unique personality.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this matte black glass bottle also offers practical benefits. Its glass composition provides UV protection, making it suitable for storing light-sensitive products such as essential oils, perfumes, and serums. You can trust that your precious formulations will be shielded from harmful UV rays.

Not only is this bottle visually pleasing and practical, but it also demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. Made from eco-friendly materials, it can be easily recycled, reducing your environmental impact.


  • Color: Matte Black
  • Capacity: 15ml
  • Neck Size: 18/415

Upgrade your brand's image and elevate your product experience with the 15ml Matte Black Glass Bottle. Order one today and see the difference it can make in enhancing your brand identity and attracting discerning customers.