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120ml / 4oz Clear PET 24-410 Cosmo Bottle - Cased 510

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Looking for a versatile and high-quality PET bottle to store your cosmetics, personal care products, or other liquids? Look no further than our 120ml / 4oz Clear PET 24-410 Cosmo Bottle.

At 120ml / 4oz, our Clear PET Cosmo Bottle provides the perfect size for a wide range of personal care products and liquids. Whether you sell shampoo, lotion, or another liquid product, this bottle can accommodate your needs. Made from durable and lightweight PET material, it guarantees that your products are securely stored without the risk of breakage or leaks.

Featuring a sleek and clear design, our bottle ensures that your products stand out on store shelves and in the homes of your customers. Its transparent appearance allows for easy visibility, showcasing your brand and enticing potential buyers. The smooth sides offer ample space for labeling and customization, allowing you to add your unique touch.

One key feature is its easy-to-use design. The Cosmo shape and 24-410 neck size make filling, pouring, and dispensing your liquid products effortless. With just a simple twist or squeeze, your customers can access the contents of the bottle. Its user-friendly design enhances the overall customer experience, making it a top choice for businesses of all sizes.

Another key benefit is its compatibility with our 24-410-WHITE-SPRAY-110DT-RT-XXXX spray head. When paired with this spray head, the bottle becomes an efficient dispensing tool, allowing for controlled and precise application of liquids. This combination ensures convenience and reliability for both you and your customers.


  • Size: 120ml / 4oz
  • Material: PET
  • Neck Size: 24-410

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your product packaging. Order your cases of 120ml / 4oz Clear PET 24-410 Cosmo Bottles today and witness the benefits firsthand!