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100 cc cobalt blue PET pill packer bottle with 38-400 neck finish CASED 580

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Introducing the 100 cc cobalt blue PET pill packer bottle with a 38-400 neck finish. This top-quality pill packer bottle is your ultimate solution for securely storing and transporting pills, supplements, and other small objects. With its unmatched reliability and thoughtful design, it's a must-have for pharmacists, supplement manufacturers, and anyone in need of a reliable storage solution.

  • High-quality PET construction: Crafted from the strongest and most durable type of plastic, this bottle guarantees exceptional durability and longevity. Repeated use won't cause any breakage, cracks, or damage, ensuring your valuable contents stay safe.
  • Cobalt blue protection: The vibrant cobalt blue color not only adds an elegant touch to your packaging but also shields the bottle's contents from harmful UV rays. Rest assured that your vitamins, medication, or supplements will remain fresh and potent for longer.

Featuring a 38-400 neck finish, this bottle conveniently accommodates the majority of pill bottle caps and closures available. Locating the perfect cap for your specific requirements is now hassle-free. With a generous capacity of 100 cc, this bottle provides ample space to store a significant amount of pills or supplements.

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Don't miss out on the unbeatable convenience and reliability offered by this top-quality pill packer bottle. Place your order today and experience peace of mind, knowing your valuable pills and supplements are securely stored and protected.