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12 oz White PET single wall jar with 89-400 neck finish - CASED 280

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Introducing the 12 oz White PET Single Wall Jar with 89-400 neck finish - CASED 280 units. This versatile and durable container is perfect for various applications, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking a dependable and high-quality packaging solution.

Crafted from premium-grade PET material, this jar offers several benefits that keep your products fresh, secure, and eco-friendly. Its lightweight design allows for easy handling, while its shatter-resistant build ensures durability even after accidental falls.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Leak-proof and Airtight Sealing: The 12 oz White PET Single Wall Jar comes with an air-tight sealing mechanism, keeping your products fresh and securely contained. Minimizing the risk of leakage, this jar keeps unwanted elements out for maximum product integrity.
  • Durability: Made from high-quality PET material, this jar is built to withstand significant stress and pressure. Its tough construction ensures the jar maintains its shape and integrity over time, providing a reliable packaging solution.

This jar is ideal for a variety of products, including dietary supplements, cosmetics, and food items. Its compact size allows for easy storage and transportation, while its white color provides a blank canvas for custom labeling, creating a cohesive brand identity for your products.

Measuring 3.7 inches in diameter and 2.642 inches in height, the jar easily fits into any storage area. With label dimensions of 11.375 x 1.5625 inches and print dimensions of 11.625 x 1.5625 inches, there's ample space to add your branding and make your product stand out in the market.

The 12 oz White PET Single Wall Jar is a reliable, sturdy, and eco-friendly packaging solution. Order now and enjoy the advantages of this high-quality, durable container that keeps your products fresh and secure!