Gold Treatment Pump 18-405 with Gold Over Cap and 64mm DT - Cased 1250

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Introducing the Gold Treatment Pump 18-405 with Gold Over Cap and 64mm Down Tube - Cased 1250. This high-quality pump is designed to enhance your skincare routine and elevate your beauty regimen to new heights. Upgrade your product packaging with this elegant gold treatment pump, paired with a gold over cap, and a 64mm down tube for easy dispensing.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced functionality: The Gold Treatment Pump 18-405 is specially crafted to work seamlessly with a 30ml glass 18-415 bottle. Enjoy precise and controlled application every time you use it.
  • Elevated aesthetic: With its 2mm taller cap and exquisite gold details, this treatment pump adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any skincare product. Impress your customers and stand out from the competition with this luxurious packaging solution.

Indulge your customers with a premium experience from start to finish. The gold treatment pump allows for smooth and effortless dispensing, ensuring that every drop of your product is delivered with precision. Say goodbye to messy spills or uneven distribution. Your customers will appreciate the attention to detail and the professional touch that this pump provides.

Not only does this pump offer impeccable functionality, but it also serves as an eye-catching addition to your product lineup. The gold accents exude a sense of luxury and quality, instantly capturing the attention of potential customers. It's the perfect choice for brands that prioritize elegance and want to create a memorable impression.

Investing in the Gold Treatment Pump 18-405 with Gold Over Cap and 64mm Down Tube - Cased 1250 ensures that your products are housed in premium packaging that reflects their value. Upgrade your skincare line today and provide your customers with the ultimate pampering experience they deserve.