Black PP 53-400 smooth skirt lid with foam liner - SINGLE

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This Black PP 53-400 smooth skirt lid with foam liner is the perfect accessory for your packaging needs. Designed for durability and functionality, this lid is an essential component for sealing and preserving your products. With its sleek black color, it adds a touch of sophistication to any container.

Made from high-quality PP material, this lid offers excellent resistance to chemicals and moisture. It ensures that your products are securely sealed, protecting them from spills or leaks. The foam liner provides an additional layer of protection, keeping the contents fresh and intact.

Featuring a 53-400 size, this lid is compatible with a wide range of containers, making it versatile and suitable for various applications. The F217 size ensures a snug fit, eliminating the risk of leakage.

The lid has a diameter of 2.168 inches and a height of 0.446 inches, providing ample space for easy access and convenient pouring. The label diameter is 1.75 inches, allowing you to showcase important product information.

  • Secure Seal: The foam liner and smooth skirt design provide a secure and leak-proof seal, ensuring the freshness and integrity of your products.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The 53-400 size makes this lid compatible with a wide range of containers, giving you flexibility in your packaging options.

Enhance your packaging solution with this Black PP 53-400 smooth skirt lid with foam liner. Its durable construction, secure seal, and compatibility make it an essential choice for various industries. Boost your product's visual appeal and protect its contents with this high-quality lid.