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38-400 Hinge Guard White Tamper Evident Cap w/ Heat Liner - CASED 2100

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Hinge Guard Closures are the perfect blend of security and convenience, offering tamper-evident packaging and easy dispensing for pills of all sizes. This 38-400 Hinge Guard White cap with a heat liner is designed to provide the utmost protection for your products. With a case containing 2100 units, you'll have an ample supply to meet your needs.

Made from LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene), this cap ensures durability and strength, effectively safeguarding your items during storage and transit. The tamper-evident feature provides peace of mind, assuring your customers that the package hasn't been compromised.

  • Secure and Tamper-Evident: The tamper-evident feature of the Hinge Guard Closures ensures the integrity of your product. Your customers can trust that their purchase arrives in its original state, free from tampering or contamination.
  • Convenient Dispensing: The Hinge Guard Closures are designed with convenience in mind. The hinged cap allows for easy access to pills, making it ideal for medical facilities, pharmacies, and individuals who need to dispense medication regularly.

The 38mm size and 400 neck finish of this cap ensure compatibility with a wide range of containers. Whether you're packaging medication, vitamins, or supplements, the Hinge Guard Closures provide a secure and convenient solution.

In addition to its functionality, this product is designed with efficiency in mind. The lightweight LDPE material keeps the cap's weight to a minimum, reducing the overall shipping costs of your products. It comes cased with 2100 units, allowing for easy storage and inventory management.

Increase the security and convenience of your product packaging with the 38-400 Hinge Guard White tamper-evident cap. Order now and provide your customers with a trustworthy and user-friendly experience.