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30ml Black Super Droppers

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Introducing our 30ml Black Super Droppers, the perfect solution for your packaging needs. These droppers are not only convenient and efficient, but they also prioritize safety and compliance.

One of the standout features of our Super Droppers is their child-resistant design. Built with tamper-evident technology, you can have peace of mind knowing that your products are securely sealed and protected. We take safety seriously, and these droppers have undergone rigorous child safety protocol testing, achieving a 100% pass rate.

In addition to their impressive safety features, our Super Droppers are compliant with the Code of Federal Regulations in all 50 states. This means that you can confidently use these droppers without worrying about any legal implications. We prioritize ensuring that our products meet all the necessary regulations, and our Super Droppers are a testament to that commitment.

Not only do our Super Droppers excel in terms of safety and compliance, but they also offer practical benefits for your business. Here are two key features of our 30ml Black Super Droppers:

  • Convenience: With 330 droppers per case, our Super Droppers are a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for additional shrink wrap. This means saving time and money while still ensuring the utmost protection for your products.
  • Versatility: Our Super Droppers are available in both white and black, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your branding and packaging requirements. Whether you prefer a sleek black design or a clean white look, our droppers can effortlessly complement your product aesthetics.

Invest in the safety and convenience of our 30ml Black Super Droppers. Order online today and experience the benefits of these tamper-evident, child-resistant droppers that guarantee compliance with industry regulations.

Dimensions 17 x 10 x 7 in.