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150cc 38-400 Dark Amber PET Packer Bottle - Cased 508

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150cc 38-400 Dark Amber PET Packer Bottle - Cased 508

The 150cc 38-400 Dark Amber PET Packer Bottle is a must-have for businesses across various industries. Made from premium PET material, this bottle combines durability and functionality to ensure the safe storage and transportation of your products.

One of the key features of this bottle is its dark amber color. The deep hue provides exceptional protection against harmful UV rays, making it the top choice for light-sensitive products. Whether it's pharmaceuticals, essential oils, or food and beverage items, you can trust this bottle to safeguard the quality and integrity of your goods.

The 38-400 screw cap closure is designed to create a secure seal, preventing any unwanted leaks or spills during transit. This reliable closure ensures that your products arrive at their destination intact and ready for use, saving you time and money on costly product wastage.

In addition, the 150cc capacity of this packer bottle offers convenience without compromising functionality. Its compact size makes it easy to transport and store, maximizing space efficiency in your facility. Whether you need to stockpile multiple bottles or carry them on the go, this size is incredibly versatile.

Furthermore, the PET material used to craft this packer bottle provides superior durability compared to traditional glass containers. With its resistance to shattering, you can have peace of mind knowing that your products are well-protected, even in demanding environments.

The 150cc 38-400 Dark Amber PET Packer Bottle is also designed with convenience in mind. The cased 410 design enables easy stacking and secure storage, enabling efficient use of your storage space. Additionally, the simple and clear labeling surface allows for easy customization with your own branding and labeling, giving your products a professional and polished look.

As for specifications, this bottle comes in a dark amber color, with a 150cc capacity, and features a 38-400 screw cap closure. Its dimensions are (specifications: insert specifications list here).

Invest in the 150cc 38-400 Dark Amber PET Packer Bottle to elevate your packaging game. With its impressive features and benefits, you can trust this reliable bottle to protect your products and ensure a safe and secure transportation process.