10mL - PET Plastic Bottle

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The 10mL - PET Plastic Bottle is a versatile and practical container designed for packaging various liquids and reagents for medical and scientific purposes. Made from high-quality PET medical-grade plastic, this bottle offers reliable durability and chemical resistance, ensuring long-term storage without compromising the integrity of the contents.

One of the key features of this bottle is its Childproof Tamper Evident Cap. This cap guarantees the safety and authenticity of the product by preventing unauthorized access and opening. The inclusion of a plastic needle/tip further enhances convenience and minimizes the risk of leakage or contamination, making it suitable for precise dispensing.

With 2500 items per case, this 10mL bottle is designed to meet the needs of manufacturers, researchers, and distributors who require bulk quantities. This affordability and efficiency make it a cost-effective solution for those who require reliable and safe packaging for their products.

The clear and smooth surface of the bottle allows for easy visualization of the contents and enables effortless labeling. The design of the bottle, with smooth sides and rounded edges, ensures comfortable handling and reduces the likelihood of accidental spills or breakage. Its lightweight and compactness make it convenient for storage, transport, and stacking.

In summary, the 10mL - PET Plastic Bottle offers a versatile and durable solution for the packaging requirements of medical and scientific industries. The inclusion of a Childproof Tamper Evident Cap and plastic needle/tip enhances safety and convenience. With its cost-effectiveness, easy labeling, and comfortable handling, this bottle is the ideal choice for manufacturers, researchers, and distributors.

  • Material: High-quality PET medical-grade plastic
  • Capacity: 10mL
Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 13 x 17 in