100ml Clear Glass Bottle

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The 100ml Clear Glass Bottle is the perfect packaging solution for a wide range of products. Made from high-quality glass, this bottle exudes a sense of elegance and purity. With a volume of 100ml, it provides ample space for essential oils, cosmetics, e-liquids, and various other liquids.

One of the key features of this bottle is the 18-415 neck size, which ensures a secure and tight seal. This makes it ideal for storing sensitive products that require airtight packaging. Additionally, the bottle's rounded shoulders and base give it a distinctive Boston Round shape, adding a touch of sophistication and uniqueness.

Weighting only 42 lbs. for postage, this lightweight bottle is easy to handle and ship, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses. The clear glass color not only enhances the visual appeal of your product but also conveys a sense of purity and cleanliness. This makes the bottle suitable for a wide range of industries, including cosmetics, medicinal, and pharmaceutical.

Whether you need a single bottle or a bulk order, we offer a variety of closure options to meet your specific needs. Choose from child-resistant, child-resistant tamper-evident, orifice reducers, flat CRCTE caps, and more. Rest assured, all our bottles come with a child-resistant tamper-evident dropper included for added convenience and safety.

In addition to its functional benefits, this bottle is also designed to improve your business's search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. With strategic use of keywords related to the product, our product description aims to enhance your website's visibility and attract potential customers.

Add this 100ml Clear Glass Bottle to your inventory today and experience the elegance, functionality, and convenience it offers. Contact us for bulk pricing options and take your business to new heights.

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 18.9 x 11.42 x 9.84 in