100ml Amber Glass Bottle

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Introducing our 100ml Amber Glass Bottle, a versatile and essential packaging solution for your business needs. With its timeless Boston Round design, rounded shoulders, and base, this amber glass bottle exudes a sense of sophistication and quality that will elevate your brand image.

Crafted from high-quality amber glass, this bottle not only adds a touch of elegance to your product but also offers crucial protection for light-sensitive contents. Whether it's essential oils, cosmetics, e-liquids, or other light-reactive products, our amber glass bottle shields them from harmful UV rays, preserving their potency and effectiveness.

With a generous 100ml capacity and an 18-415 neck size, it strikes the perfect balance between providing an ample supply of your product and ensuring easy dispensing for your customers. Let your customers indulge in a premium experience that embodies both quality and quantity.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Versatility: This bottle is a perfect fit for a variety of products, making it a versatile and efficient packaging solution for your business. Whether you're marketing essential oils, cosmetics, or e-liquids, this bottle's clean design complements any brand aesthetic.
  • Child-Resistant Tamper Evident Dropper Included: Your customers' safety is our priority. This package includes a child-resistant tamper evident dropper, ensuring that your products are secure and eligible for retail sales.

In addition to its functional advantages, our 100ml Amber Glass Bottle also offers practical benefits for your business. We understand that time is of the essence for busy entrepreneurs like you. That's why we offer this bottle in a set of 140, enabling you to efficiently package and distribute your products. Each lightweight case weighs just 42lbs, making it easy to handle and transport.

Elevate your brand presence and establish your products as a symbol of premium quality with our 100ml Amber Glass Bottle. Don't miss out on this affordable, durable, and practical packaging solution. Contact us now for bulk pricing options and capitalize on the numerous benefits our products provide.

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 18.9 x 11.42 x 9.84 in