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ES-200 Capping Machine Package 2 Kinex Cappers Super Dropper

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ES-200 Capping Machine. Package 2 plus Clamp and Chuck/Liner.

Package 2 Includes:

1. ES-200 Capping Machine

2. Capper Balancer. 

3. Anti Rotation mat

4. EST-100 capping machine Support Stand

5.  Stainless Steel Bench Clamp. Allows you to fasten the Capper Support Stand to         your work surface without screwing the base of the stand directly onto your table.

6. C111DW chuck with inserted L111A white rubber liner for use with 19-24mm OD          caps. ***Custom 0.5625" bore***  Specifically sized for our Super Droppers.

(Optional) L111A white rubber liner, 55 durometer. Spares. ***Custom 0.5625" bore*** $7.00 Each - Additional Cost 

Operates on 110 ~ 120 volt, 50 or 60 Hz electricity.

Shipping of main kit ES-200 and all included items above - 2 Boxes 

13lbs - 16 x 10 x 10 - Main ES-200 - Clamp -Chuck and Liner - Balancer

11lbs - 46 x 6 x 5 - Machine Stand and Mat