Essential Oils Bottles

When it comes to choosing bottles for your essential oils, there are a lot of choices to make -- such as the bottle’s size, material, and even color. As the leading supplier of essential oils online, Rock Bottom Bottles is pleased to present high quality BPA free plastic and glass bottles to meet all your needs.

Our essential oil bottles range in size from 10ml to 120ml. And we offer bottles for essential oils in several styles: Clear glass, painted glass, colored glass, PE plastic, PET plastic, UNICORN and SOFT PET. Many of our clear essential oil bottles are available with caps in several color choices, or with glass droppers. We also offer orifice reducers for our glass bottles as well.

Colored glass bottles look attractive on the shelf, and some people prefer to store essential oils in colored bottles to protect them from too much light. Choose from our beautiful colored glass bottles in amber, cobalt or green.

We offer painted glass essential oil bottles in several sizes and many different colors, including gold, red, matte black, semi-transparent black, and more. Our selection includes solid-color painted glass bottles as well as beautiful faded styles.

With so many choices available, Rock Bottom Bottles has the ideal BPA free essential oil bottle styles and sizes you’re looking for to meet your needs. Place your order online today!

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